August 2018

From the Commander:

July is behind us and with that we look back to see what the month had to offer. It offered celebration for the birth of our country, and it offered times for remembrance and honor of those who have given us the freedoms we enjoy today.

The 73rd anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis was remembered this month at their Survivors Organization Annual Reunion.

Honored at this reunion were those Sailors and Marines who were lost at sea, the survivors who have passed since and the living survivors of today, five of which were in attendance.

Honoring the survivors makes one think. How many tomorrows would have been lost if someone would not have stood up yesterday?

It is an absolute honor and a treat to meet the survivors, these men who have been to the very edge and back for us, to live their life through their stories, and grieve as they pass. We use the words NEVER FORGET very often.

I would like to thank the post 79 members who were involved in this year’s ceremony, Rick Baum, for his beautiful and heartfelt benediction prayer, Andrew Mehringer, for his diligence of being Forever on guard, and Ed Engledow, for another beautiful rendition of taps.

As a commander, I am very proud of our members who stepped forward to show honor and respect for the USS Indianapolis and her entire crew.

Thank you.
For God and Country
Bart Colvin

Mission Statement:

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service-members and veterans.

From the Auxiliary President:

Back to School time already! Summer has gone by way too fast again. Keep an eye out for the little ones at bus stops and please be courteous to the school buses, they are carrying precious cargo.

The Auxiliary will be raffling a Back to School basket. Be sure to get you ticket(s) early as they sell out quickly. As always, thank you for your support.

The Zionsville American Legion will be sponsoring a Zionsville Youth Football team. Look for the team schedule to be posted.

The Auxiliary is still collecting dimes for the Auxiliary Emergency Fund. The fund was started to help Auxiliary members who might be faced with a financial issue. There is a bottle at the bar for any dimes that you might want to donate. Thank you.

Have a great month of August and hope to see you at our Post.

National Catfish Month
Harvest Month
Peach Month
Flower: Gladiolus or poppy

God Bless our Troops past, present and future

Mission Statement:

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

From Post Service Officer:

Service Connected Disabilities (SCD)
For Veterans Who Served in War or Peacetime

Veterans who served in war or peacetime may be eligible for non-taxable compensation payable for life.

The VA perceives that many veterans are not accessing benefits they are eligible to receive. Some are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars. SCD benefits come in different forms because each veteran’s military experience is individually unique. Various physical or mental ramifications from active duty service unfold over time negatively impacting a veteran’s quality of life. Here is the bottom line; “the body and mind keep the score” as a person served our country. As the years go by, a “time release capsule” unfolds and a veteran’s “employability” decreases.

Don’t believe the myth that you had to sustain a wound or injury in combat in order to receive VA disability compensation. Many service connected disabilities occur because of certain environmental exposures such as noise, sound frequencies, chemicals, radiation, traumatic events, training and other injuries, accidents, assault on one’s person, etc.

Many additional benefits may also be available because of receiving a SCD of 10% or more. Some of these may include property tax or excise tax deduction, reimbursement of certain burial expenses, education waiver of tuition and fees, reduced hunting and fishing license fees, VA health care (full health benefits including eye glasses, hearing aids, blood work, ex-rays, surgeries, mental health counseling, reduced prescription co-pays), reduced state park entry fees, and more.

Consider this, do you have hearing difficulties (ask your wife), or ringing in your ears? You may be a candidate for a SCD rating.

Mark the date:
Saturday, August 18, 2018
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Veterans Benefits Event
RSVP – Call Post 79 (317) 873-3105

Learn about available Federal and State benefits, and what you may be eligible to receive. Some benefits may also help spouses and eligible dependents.

At your service,
Rick Baum

From Post Adjutant:

Minutes from Joint Meeting:

Regular Meeting July 9, 2018

Opened in due form by Commander Colvin at 7pm.

  • Auxiliary mentioned that Youth Football League, asking for fee. $125 from all entities. Auxiliary will write the full check and the other entities will pay them
  • USS Indianapolis Reunion July 19-22. Hyatt Regency downtown. On the 22nd at 9am will be the Memorial ceremony.
  • Previous minutes were read and approved. Correction to the date of USS Indy Reunion to the 19th vice the 11th.
  • Finance reports were read and approved
  • Sick call: Jerry Jones and Mike Sadj. No update on conditions
  • Unfinished business
    • Bollards around the memorial (waiting until cooler weather)
    • Checking on status of handrail for the back steps
  • New Business
    • Tom Wothke stated that the new POS system has been selected. The new Toast system will be installed over the next couple of months and training will be done along with the install. It will be used at the bar and for the Friday night dinners and any other time needed in the cafeteria area
    • Stuart Konija stated that the school bus out front was a trade for taking the fire engine over to the bus barn to be worked on.
    • Fall festival theme of float will be super heroes. Commander has suggested the theme of “True Heroes”. There will be a representative of each branch of the military in uniform on the float. Included will be police and fireman.
  • Good of the Legion
    • Tom Wothke brought up the question about internet service for the Legion. Most suggested Spectrum. Tom will check into this. Should be able to downgrade our current package to save money. Should get along with basic cable.
    • Legion Family Day at Victory Field is August 12th at 1:30(Game time)
    • Steve King mentioned about the success of Andy’s Ride. Thanks to all who attended.
  • Meeting adjourned 7:30pm

Adjourned at 7:40pm.

From the ALR Director:

From the American Legion Riders

The ALR has had a very nice Charbroil grill they were raffling off the last few months and sorry if you didn’t get your ticket pulled. We had a winner drawn and it was Rick Baum. Congratulations Rick!

We have also been selling meat boards and we want to thank everyone who has participated and were lucky enough to take home some good meat. We are trying to get a little bit more of a variety.

As you know we all are getting ready for the Fall Festival and the Fall Festival Parade in Sept. We will try to have some ALR members present, but depending on the weather we may be walking with the float, or riding. Updates later.

Thanks for continuing to come to the ALR burger and pork chop dinners. If you have not noticed the chops are meatier and the burgers are larger. “MMMMM!!” If you have any suggestions on different side dishes, don’t hesitate to suggest them to any of the ALR burger night servers or members.

Please remember to tip the bartenders and waitresses! They serve us well!

American Legion Riders response (motto)

We, your American Legion Riders, ride for God and Country, the American Legion Family and Allied Veterans everywhere. Protect those that protect us. Amen

God Speed,
Andy Ricketts
Director of Post 79 ALR

From the Club Manager:

August Calendar

Dates to Remember:

3rd – Legion Pizza Night 5-8pm
7th – SAL Meeting 7pm
10th – SAL Steak & Catfish Dinner 5-8pm
12th – Prime Rib Dinner 4-7pm
13th – Legion/AUX meeting 7pm
18th – Broasted Chicken Dinner & Tim Neuman Band
21st – ALR Burger/Pork Chop Dinner 5:30-8pm
26th – Prime Rib Dinner 4-7pm
28th – ALR Meeting 7pm