July 2018

From the Commander:

Dear Members,

Thank you for another good month at the Legion, the steak and catfish dinner was a crazy night. Thank you to the members and the community.

Speaking of community, I would like to offer our deepest condolences to LeighAnn from Akards Hardware on the tragic passing of her son. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

We said goodbye to one of our members, Colonel Gary Thornly, with a memorial service at the War memorial, he will be interned at Arlington National Cemetery later this year.

If you have not seen the War Memorial, then you need to see what our city has to offer.
Indianapolis devotes more acreage than any other U.S. city to honoring our nation’s fallen, and is second only to Washington, DC, in the number of war memorials. Spend a few hours in Indianapolis, honoring our nation’s heroes.

The USS Indianapolis Survivors Reunion is coming up on July 19-22 at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Only 14 of 316 survivors left and at least five of them will be at the reunion. If you want times and details, ask me at the Post.

We also have our Nations birthday just around the corner on July 4th. Please be safe, and patriotic and remember what this day stands for.

Happy and safe summer to all.

Thank you.
For God and Country
Bart Colvin

Mission Statement:

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service-members and veterans.

From the Vice Commander:

We had our new Officers installed at our meeting on June 11th.

Commander: Bart Colvin
1st Vice Commander: Stuart Konija
2nd Vice Commander: Jack Wurtsbaugh
Adjutant: Bobby Parker
Finance: Tom Wothke
Sgt-at-Arms: Andrew Merhinger
Service Officer: Rick Baum
Chaplain: Rick Baum
Historian: Mike Sadaj

When you see them at the Legion, congratulate them and wish them a successful year.

From the Auxiliary President:

While you are enjoying our Independence Day, be safe, have fun and remember those men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Our new Officers were installed at last month’s meeting.

President: Rita Wilson
1st Vice President: Dorothy Woodrum (Dee Dee)
2nd Vice President: Cheryl Johnson
Chaplain: Beth Applegate
Secretary: Dianna Colvin
Treasurer: Vicki Gieselman
Sergeant at Arms: Linda Bennett
Historian: Kim Rossister
Veteran Affairs: Bonnie Klingler

Thank you to all who set up at the Zionsville Little League Sponsor Village the morning of Championship Saturday, June 16th.

Have a great month of July and hope to see you at our Post.

God Bless our Troops past, present and future

Mission Statement:

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

From Post Service Officer:

May 2018 – Post Service Officer News


Each of the 10 clauses of the Preamble, though brief, has a world of meaning.


“This is the introduction. It declares that The American Legion recognizes the influence of Almighty God in all worthwhile endeavors-and declares the allegiance of Legionnaires to both God and Nation. First things have been put first. All that follows is in conformity.”

Click here for the American Legion’s interpretation to the preamble.

The following statements come from an edition of the American Legion’s Chaplain’s Handbook “Service to God and Country” – Service to God and Country is basic Americanism. It is not the fostering of religious worship in order to appease any element of our citizenry, or to draw attention from any less desirable social activities. Since it is essentially basic Americanism, it is strictly non-denominational, non-sectarian. It is not intended to act independently of religious groups, but to cooperate with them to the end that the American people might never forget God is the source of all their rights and privileges.

One can look back at Benjamin Franklin’s speech during the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1787. He said; “I have lived, sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth; that God governs in the affairs of men…we have been assured, sir, in the sacred writing (Holy Bible), that except the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that built.”

It is this same observation that caused the American Legion to re-emphasize the spiritual foundations upon which our nation rests. For this is the day when Americans must be spiritually strong, if America is to live.

It is the aim and objective of the American Legion, “Service to God and Country,” to bring God into the foreground of American life, not merely the religious life, but the social, economic, and political life as well.

God is an essential part of Americanism. Without God, there is no Americanism. Chaplains are purposely implemented to have an important role in the life of the Post.

At your service,
Rick Baum

From Post Adjutant:

Minutes from Joint Meeting:

Regular Meeting June 11,2018.
Open in due form by Commander Colvin at 7pm.
Rita reported that the championship Little League game will be this Saturday and wants help to set up table for handouts from the post. She also said that there will be salads and desserts set up after installation of officers.
Bart thanked all who attended Gary Thornley’s memorial service at the War Memorial downtown Indianapolis. He also thanked all who visited the Vietnam moving wall dedication.
Bart also thanked all who helped put flags out at Lincoln Memory gardens for memorial day.
Farmers market every Wednesday at the post from 4 to 7 pm.
USS Indianapolis reunion July 11th to the 21st at the Hiatt Regency downtown.
Rick reminded all the flag day is June 14th.
Accepted new members Alan Fisher and John Marosky.
Jerry Jones and Mike Sadj on sick call.
Unfinished business : Still need to get the Bollards around the flag pole and handrails out back.
Foody Fridays at the Methodist church on Friday.
Jeff Morris installed all new officers for 2019

Bart Colvin Commander
Stuart Konija 1st Vice Commander
Jack Wurtsbaugh 2nd Vice Commander
Bob Parker Adjutant
Tom Wothke Finance Officer
Andrew Mehringer Sgt of Arms
Mike Sadj Historian
Rick Baum Service/Chaplain
Close at 7:30

From the ALR Director:

From the American Legion Riders

Hello everyone! We missed you last month. But, I do have a couple of things to report .
A member of our post, asked the ALR to participate in a memorial service for Colonel Gary Thornly at the Indiana War Memorial. We participated in a very heartfelt ceremony on June 2, 2018. He will have a full Military burial ceremony at Alrlington National Cemetery. We were very proud to participate.

Also we, and other members from SAL and the Women’s Auxiliary and the post went to several different cemetery’s, on Memorial Day, to pay honor to our fallen soldiers. Thank you all for participating.

Don’t forget to come out for Hamburgers and Pork chops to enjoy the food and fellowship. We still have tickets for the gas Grill we are raffling off. The sooner we sell out the sooner the winner can enjoy it.

El-Toro Mexican restaurant is again donating 10% of you food bill, will be donated to Crusin 4 a Cure, Please visit them on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. So, go have some good food and at the same time, you will be helping the children.

Till next time,
God Bless,
American Legion Riders response (motto)

We, your American Legion Riders, ride for God and Country, the American Legion Family and Allied Veterans everywhere. Protect those that protect us. Amen

God Speed,
Andy Ricketts
Director of Post 79 ALR

From the Club Manager:

July Menu & Events

Dates to Remember:

2nd – SAL Meeting 6pm
6th – Legion Pizza Night 5-8pm
9th – Legion/AUX meeting 7pm
13th – SAL Steak & Catfish Dinner 5-8pm
17th – ALR Burger/Pork Chop Dinner 5:30-8pm
24th – ALR Meeting 7pm